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I will need to get this page up and running!

Healthy smoking, really?

Yes - do you know the trick? Let me tell you. We are promoting a new product (well, daddy) so YOU can stop inhaling toxic, but still get the kick! Check it out and save your life! Btw.

Unconditional love.


Well, it's not really like I am fretting about it, or running around in circles; constantly scratching my head; pondering the question: have I done enough? Or did I miss out too much on atypical development in children etc. Quite the opposite, I am content and confident in my knowledge base, I know what I know and its is really that simple.

January is always abit special , the month of a new start, a new year let alone the month of exams. You gotta be a bit more discipline and sharp than usual, skilled and in a possesion of that vital - last minute stamina! And you are on you way to be become a champion! I am competitive in nature, I belive it stems from my childhood and all sports I was involved in. So in my now "dead fed sport soul", I cannot wait for the next week to kick in, more specifically, monday the 16th of jan; I am going to make that call and arrange that plan. PERIOD. My passion is to INTENSE and dear to me, to not take care of, it is of crucial business for my well being to embark upon this journey. I have been on my way for the past significant progress, no significant change, just left with the familiar determination and strong longing for breaking through. Physically and psychologically. Yesterday dad "clicked home" a book regarding the subject. I will leave the rest to my Higher self and Univesre, it has become quite clear to me, once I put myself into the equation and driving seat for too long - things tend to falter and fall apart, however, when I pasue, carefully take in the scenario and give it away, set it free to live its own life, that is when things start to roll. And something extarordinary beautiful emerge from inside. You cannot see the treeness in a little seedling and you cannot see the invisable intelligence and potential that exist in every human being, its there for you to capture. It will evolve if you continue to trust, love and keep that ustoppable faith and divine power; then one day, one day my fellow being.
Apparently, I needed to vent, again:) but I am comosedly calm and contained this time around, life is good indeed, life was meant to be lived and I bloody cow mean to live it!! To the best of my ability, ideally, in companion with you.
My psych books are calling my name and I cannot possibly get more tha mildy motivated to digg into the stuff again, after 20 days of memorizing psychologfical therories, figures, years and menthods. It is a love/hate affair me and my psych studies have, at some level it teaches me and providing me with invaluable wisdom and insights, on the other hand, I am feeling that I almost fit the criterium for the majority of diagnosis in DSM-IV (diagnostic and stastical manual for mental disorders). I said that with 50-50 irony, OK.
Be well,

Soon home..

and back to civilization (Grebbestad is less of an active place to be during this season of year) and my precious red dubbledecks!

Happy New Year - 2012!

I am feeling inclined to start to write again. It has been way to long since last post, and again and again, I am being proved that I cannot function, fully, withouth having a propoer platform to vent things. With or without you. It just seem as I need this forum somehow. Intersting phenomenon, isnt it?

Looking at all picrure and texts I realize that I need to do a slight houscleaning, not that I dont resepct them, but they are not as valid as they use to be. I am no longer in a relationship with a boxer, and I am no longer as lost inside myself as I use to. Surely, there is still an element of daze and general confusion here and there; when, where and with whom kinda of thing, nevetheless, there is much more clarity and peace around, above and inside than it use to be. Although, I would lie if I deem myself to be completely satisfied, there is yet a few miles to go and missions to accopmlish.
The more I am surfing around the net, randomly, it struck me that its almsot impossible to notice the big shift in attitudes, particularly around today's youth and boggers in general, aren't we all striving more and harder to achieve dreams and fulfill our potential? Could we go as far and say it is a truly new paradigm taking place? 2011 was the steeping stone and dada -  a new year and a new paradigm is here!
Another thing that i wanted to do is to come up with some summary of my year 2011. At least for myself, and I happen to know that my parents and closest friends appreciate when I update my blog. Apparently, I need to warm up my fingers before anything creative will come out of this little mind, certainly, its long ago since i touch my key board, thus a bit rusty and dusty - but more than welcome to set some fire in! I belive my life is too good and too unique (don't missundertsand me, not saying that at all in a boasting way) to not share and inspire you with, its selfish to not share, I figure, we all can benefit enourmsly by sharing with each other. Yet so many of us live our life in silence and isolation, don't we wanna hear about life in a nuthsell, meaning both the bad, mad and painful stuff? I can only speak for myself, but stimulating me on a purely cheerful and happy-go-lucky manner wouldnt do it for me. I don't know about you.
I will talk to you soon again,
My baby-girl Isabealla - that inspires me everday!

Back To Basics.

That's how it all began; that's how life in genreal kicked off for each and every living creature - and my life in particular. Needs, let us talk about the basic needs. Like nutrious food, quality sleep and human/animal proximity. To get those needs in place, the basics in order before anyrhing else is of highest priority. I am afraid I am not doing so well today, I am afraid that the world's wisdom and proufound insight is remote. I am afraid I have to go back to, simply, simple basics.
No money, men, qualfications or fancy fab exteriour in the world willl do it. Back do basics. Life, school and work has to be put on hold. Build from there. I have been here before and I am doing it again. This time I am to do it properly so I do not have to travel down here again. It is all too familiar, the familar cold darkness, scent of poison and utterly painful emotiotions hanging on the wall. Take me out of here. I will take you out of here.


A fairly normal day in London.

I am back.

How lovely to be back here. Back. With you.
Thank you.

Right on.

“We both are slightly dysfunctional when it comes to eating”.

So what’s up with the world today? I myself am sick as a dog although fairly content somehow. I had an awesome moment in north Greenwich and O2 the other breeze. Love this place. It gives me a sensation of being home. Water in all its form has a tendency, so gently and peacefully communicate to me, whether it is a lake, river or an is just pure bliss - the chemistry and dynamic between us. Me as a tangible piece of human flesh and the intangible ocean, nothing more. My mom wants to be “spread out” in the ocean when she is done on this earth. I, too, think I wish that. Perhaps my God is living in the sea. Like an ocean divine God. Not necessarily the traditional one - sitting on white fluffy clouds in heaven glancing down in us. Or who knows - maybe my God is living in the cloaks? Frankly, I have no clue. There are a bunch of stuff I don’t understand and know about the world (thank God), surely enough – it does tend to make me somewhat hysteric to not have the full control - but I know that someone does that job far better than I could ever do. That is the charm of the power greater than yourself.


There are so many good things to look forward to, my baby girl is coming in one week time and I am moving to the West End. Again, from day one when I realized that this house did not put up with any 4 legged pets - I have frenetically been searching (my ass off) to find a home to me and Penny. Darn! What I miss this little creature. Soon we are physically integrated again. She is a minimalistic reflection of myself. Nothing really differs between us, she is bubbly – like me, energetic – like me, intelligent – like me, but perhaps more striking - we both are rigorously impaired when it comes to eating. I wonder if I transferred my wicked eating behavior onto her. If that is the case, I do apologies Penny. Nonetheless I am doing better and the issue is less of an issue, so to speak. Well, you know I could spend days here writing about my addiction – back and forth, in and out - but hey! for what good would that do? Exactly, therefore let us focus and tune into a mindset that today my friends, just for today - "are we going to be as good as we possibly can be"! Alright?


Thank you, Mrs/Mr Life - for giving me another day of bliss.



That's it - thank you very much, indeed!

Winkey MISS Winkey.

I mean, if this is genuine love -

I just love it! Who f-ing cares what you look like!


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