och Danne som blev föräldrar till en liten flicka idag!

Muchy daily nightly beauty.

Today, I was an early bird, (twitter twitter :) full loaded with delight and thrill! Naturally, that leads me without delay to the thought; (merely avant-garde) for how long will this euphoria last this time? Totally unexpectedly a thought struck me – it can be forever - as long as I live my life one day at time! Plus, not pushing and rushing into things - not more than my body and mind are capable to deal with at the time being. And, indeed I know were my limits are at. Finally, I am starting to “get a grip of myself” at this rather old age (that is of course a subjective experience). I am, eventually and holy crap an old, grown up beautiful woman! At last! That does not necessary mean I am satisfied, I am ways away from this tempting adjective. Well, what I am basically saying is, it is not that bad. I can be wise if I like to as well as pretty reasonable towards myself and others these days. Overall; I am safe and sound. That is undeniably not that bad at all.



What else, I am totally blown away how beautiful life itself can be once I let myself be present to it. Life is extraordinary in its ordinary form. It appears to me so simple, clean, peaceful and natural tonight. Life. As a matter of fact, so it does inwards too. I knew it was there – I so badly knew that this beauty was not but a longing illusion.



Enjoy what is behind your glasses!


Min kusin Toffi spelar i en klass för sig. Det må jag säga! Han är nykär och alldeles upp över öronen romantisk. Ikväll dissade han chokladen och blommorna i förmån för härliga meloner som han med kärlek packade ner i en liten matlåda. Jag dör! Nästan. Höjden av charm och..hjärta.

Mer sånt!

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