Just tell me, how bonkers isn't this pic? Still, I cannot but fall in love.
in every tiny little detail with this pic. Bonne apetit...or NOT.

Its raining tears..

Why this is, I'm here and she's not is a big questionmark to mee..

Tonight was one of those.

Surrender to one's higher self.

Can you feelin it..


What's your take on this papsi? What do you think, wouldn't this vehicle suit me just fine - here in London? Imagine, me driving around the city..picking you up when you have been to the pub..probably had too many..just a thought worth consideration.
By the way, my cam did not do this car any justice.

She is beautiful, inspiring, strong, vulnerable, human

and finally natural! No inch of make-up! Never seen her more fab. Observe and learn. We all have that authentic beauty whithin us - let us all welcome our natural beauty!

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