Right on.

“We both are slightly dysfunctional when it comes to eating”.

So what’s up with the world today? I myself am sick as a dog although fairly content somehow. I had an awesome moment in north Greenwich and O2 the other night..coffee..sea breeze. Love this place. It gives me a sensation of being home. Water in all its form has a tendency, so gently and peacefully communicate to me, whether it is a lake, river or an ocean...it is just pure bliss - the chemistry and dynamic between us. Me as a tangible piece of human flesh and the intangible ocean, nothing more. My mom wants to be “spread out” in the ocean when she is done on this earth. I, too, think I wish that. Perhaps my God is living in the sea. Like an ocean divine God. Not necessarily the traditional one - sitting on white fluffy clouds in heaven glancing down in us. Or who knows - maybe my God is living in the cloaks? Frankly, I have no clue. There are a bunch of stuff I don’t understand and know about the world (thank God), surely enough – it does tend to make me somewhat hysteric to not have the full control - but I know that someone does that job far better than I could ever do. That is the charm of the power greater than yourself.


There are so many good things to look forward to, my baby girl is coming in one week time and I am moving to the West End. Again, from day one when I realized that this house did not put up with any 4 legged pets - I have frenetically been searching (my ass off) to find a home to me and Penny. Darn! What I miss this little creature. Soon we are physically integrated again. She is a minimalistic reflection of myself. Nothing really differs between us, she is bubbly – like me, energetic – like me, intelligent – like me, but perhaps more striking - we both are rigorously impaired when it comes to eating. I wonder if I transferred my wicked eating behavior onto her. If that is the case, I do apologies Penny. Nonetheless I am doing better and the issue is less of an issue, so to speak. Well, you know I could spend days here writing about my addiction – back and forth, in and out - but hey! for what good would that do? Exactly, therefore let us focus and tune into a mindset that today my friends, just for today - "are we going to be as good as we possibly can be"! Alright?


Thank you, Mrs/Mr Life - for giving me another day of bliss.



That's it - thank you very much, indeed!

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