Happy New Year - 2012!

I am feeling inclined to start to write again. It has been way to long since last post, and again and again, I am being proved that I cannot function, fully, withouth having a propoer platform to vent things. With or without you. It just seem as I need this forum somehow. Intersting phenomenon, isnt it?

Looking at all picrure and texts I realize that I need to do a slight houscleaning, not that I dont resepct them, but they are not as valid as they use to be. I am no longer in a relationship with a boxer, and I am no longer as lost inside myself as I use to. Surely, there is still an element of daze and general confusion here and there; when, where and with whom kinda of thing, nevetheless, there is much more clarity and peace around, above and inside than it use to be. Although, I would lie if I deem myself to be completely satisfied, there is yet a few miles to go and missions to accopmlish.
The more I am surfing around the net, randomly, it struck me that its almsot impossible to notice the big shift in attitudes, particularly around today's youth and boggers in general, aren't we all striving more and harder to achieve dreams and fulfill our potential? Could we go as far and say it is a truly new paradigm taking place? 2011 was the steeping stone and dada -  a new year and a new paradigm is here!
Another thing that i wanted to do is to come up with some summary of my year 2011. At least for myself, and I happen to know that my parents and closest friends appreciate when I update my blog. Apparently, I need to warm up my fingers before anything creative will come out of this little mind, certainly, its long ago since i touch my key board, thus a bit rusty and dusty - but more than welcome to set some fire in! I belive my life is too good and too unique (don't missundertsand me, not saying that at all in a boasting way) to not share and inspire you with, its selfish to not share, I figure, we all can benefit enourmsly by sharing with each other. Yet so many of us live our life in silence and isolation, don't we wanna hear about life in a nuthsell, meaning both the bad, mad and painful stuff? I can only speak for myself, but stimulating me on a purely cheerful and happy-go-lucky manner wouldnt do it for me. I don't know about you.
I will talk to you soon again,
My baby-girl Isabealla - that inspires me everday!


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