Back To Basics.

That's how it all began; that's how life in genreal kicked off for each and every living creature - and my life in particular. Needs, let us talk about the basic needs. Like nutrious food, quality sleep and human/animal proximity. To get those needs in place, the basics in order before anyrhing else is of highest priority. I am afraid I am not doing so well today, I am afraid that the world's wisdom and proufound insight is remote. I am afraid I have to go back to, simply, simple basics.
No money, men, qualfications or fancy fab exteriour in the world willl do it. Back do basics. Life, school and work has to be put on hold. Build from there. I have been here before and I am doing it again. This time I am to do it properly so I do not have to travel down here again. It is all too familiar, the familar cold darkness, scent of poison and utterly painful emotiotions hanging on the wall. Take me out of here. I will take you out of here.


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The photo is really great as for me - I like horses!

2012-01-06 @ 11:43:43

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