Thank you. Thank you baby.

I can`t ask for more..

Still, I do.

Some words change my world.

Life, life dear life. What do you want from me? Why. Again. I am not sorry this time. I am just mad broken. Broken into pieces with those teribble painful ones. And that is only the beginning. Do I try to hard? Do I want to much? Or do I rush to fast? No. Confused. Sorry, I forced myself to write in english, thou I would die for express myself in swedish right now. But that will be such a simple and easy one. I better stick to my promise. I know where I am but still, who on earth am I?

My weekend has been great in all aspects, I have been in Strasbourg (2 hour trip by TGV) with Rafael. We have had such "heaven like time". Well, Penny was less pleased. But after some time with Tito (Rafael`s bird) I was no longer her number one. Both in a good and bad way. After 5 days of intensive love, fights, salsa, sports and discussions Penny and I are back in Paris. Back in the most beautiful city in the world. Yes, I really do think so, so far. 

Well, I am not not that 100% energic and enthusiastic one today, far away. Hate it. I am very uncomfortable with these sort of days. Still, is a part of life.

I do not have more to say for now, but I do have louds to read, thoughts to think, legs to run, things to reflect upon ans issues to analyse. I can not wait (read, yes I can, but that is not an option).

Finally, you clever and bright man, situeted somwhere in Dalarna, thanks. Thank you again. I will do what I have been told.

Safe and sound!

What`s up?

I`d better start writing or I will go mad crazy in this country! I have missed my blog. And I miss you. Oh Indeed. Well, as you (hopefully) may read I am writing in English due to the fact I need to get started to think and write in English. Time runs quickly and my agenda shows, ohhlalala already September 12, 2009. I have been in Paris for two weeks and I can barely stand more. In addition, I would say in a good way! I love this bananas freaky cosmopolite place to city! Thou it is either trouble-free or a piece of a cake. Along with being far from home, family, friends and Swedish candy it is definitely something to face up to and everyday so go. Life is tough although my cup of tea. I guess I rather like it this way, odd enough but yet so true.

So has it going at home? I know, for sure that I have been a miserable little girl regarding answering, responding and calling you. I also know that you my babes are reasonable since you all are bunch of wistful fellows! And I also hope that you will find my journey interesting and in some way given. Thou with a huge amount (I am sorry) of lacking English. Eventually I will nail it and finally find the English writing process natural as nature!

To make it petite for now, Penny and I have found a loving family and we cannot ask for more. Besides that, the food is served on table every single day in terms of “la formidable cousine francaise”. I am pleased, confident, satisfied and last but not least – on the right side of the road. Personally, that is such an enormous success! So long and you bloody do hang on!


Alsklingar mina!!

Hur mar ni?? Vi har det bra; bor o lever som prinsessor! Penny och jag ser Tour eiffel genom sovrummet, kan inte ha det battre! internet o allt ar antligen fixat; ,men just nu har jag en dalig dator,kan inte skriva pa dessa konstiga knappar, ja har sa mycket at beratta,oj vad jag saknat er o min blogg? ikvall har jag min dator igen,sa alla ni darhemma var inte orolig jag lever o andas,mer an nagonsin forr! Ikvall blir det fransk restaurang; foresten jag kommer att borja skrivca pa eng maste komma in i spraket, franskan gar fakttiskt bra! sist; JAG ALSKAR PARIS!


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