Well, it's not really like I am fretting about it, or running around in circles; constantly scratching my head; pondering the question: have I done enough? Or did I miss out too much on atypical development in children etc. Quite the opposite, I am content and confident in my knowledge base, I know what I know and its is really that simple.

January is always abit special , the month of a new start, a new year let alone the month of exams. You gotta be a bit more discipline and sharp than usual, skilled and in a possesion of that vital - last minute stamina! And you are on you way to be become a champion! I am competitive in nature, I belive it stems from my childhood and all sports I was involved in. So in my now "dead fed sport soul", I cannot wait for the next week to kick in, more specifically, monday the 16th of jan; I am going to make that call and arrange that plan. PERIOD. My passion is to INTENSE and dear to me, to not take care of, it is of crucial business for my well being to embark upon this journey. I have been on my way for the past significant progress, no significant change, just left with the familiar determination and strong longing for breaking through. Physically and psychologically. Yesterday dad "clicked home" a book regarding the subject. I will leave the rest to my Higher self and Univesre, it has become quite clear to me, once I put myself into the equation and driving seat for too long - things tend to falter and fall apart, however, when I pasue, carefully take in the scenario and give it away, set it free to live its own life, that is when things start to roll. And something extarordinary beautiful emerge from inside. You cannot see the treeness in a little seedling and you cannot see the invisable intelligence and potential that exist in every human being, its there for you to capture. It will evolve if you continue to trust, love and keep that ustoppable faith and divine power; then one day, one day my fellow being.
Apparently, I needed to vent, again:) but I am comosedly calm and contained this time around, life is good indeed, life was meant to be lived and I bloody cow mean to live it!! To the best of my ability, ideally, in companion with you.
My psych books are calling my name and I cannot possibly get more tha mildy motivated to digg into the stuff again, after 20 days of memorizing psychologfical therories, figures, years and menthods. It is a love/hate affair me and my psych studies have, at some level it teaches me and providing me with invaluable wisdom and insights, on the other hand, I am feeling that I almost fit the criterium for the majority of diagnosis in DSM-IV (diagnostic and stastical manual for mental disorders). I said that with 50-50 irony, OK.
Be well,


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