You too are included.

It has been a long and demanding day, nevertheless a highly full fledged splendid day! London is providing many dimensions of life and my needs are satisfied at all possible levels tonight. Thats more than good. I am grateful. I have played poker. I have sung as it was my last tunes. I have laughed. I have cried. I have loved and I love in this now. Love the fact that love is all around us for all of us. NO ONE is excluded in Univers' book - everybody is included. So are you, dear reader.
I wish I could say I am tired and sleepy; but I am not, I am to energetic and high on life's unconditional energy this night/morning to fall asleep. Let it so be than. Let it be what it is. I am enjoying being less dramtic and more relaxed and peaceful, at least just for today. I am curious what tomorrow will bring us and I am committed to be as good as I can be! Hope you are too!
Love and Light,


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