What´s on the baby´s mind?

That is what I am currently devoting all my waking hours to. Those little babies we all once were, and some of us, obviously, to different degrees - still are. Babies. I believe we all need a “mummy” and talking of mummies and babies tonight – I so insanely miss my baby girl in Sweden and my mum. Now. Puhh. Somewhere along the lines I deem I grew up too fast, too often. I rushed into adulthood, I thought I was ready, I was not. I was not even grown up take care of myself, to provide for the very basic needs, as food, sleep and safety. I was on deep water far too many times. Of course I never knew back then. I thought I was ready to say taataa to family and childhood and bonjour to the adulthood. I always ended up crying, calling mum to pick me up.


Ironically, I become more and more equal to a baby then an adult. And I still am in many respects. Here is the thing – I will always be, more or less, a new born baby as she lives within me, not necessarily call mum every time life points finger at me or hit me – but I will always need my mummy, I claim we all do!


Sure, I can only speak for myself, but I think this bond between “a mum and daughter” is one of the most powerful, complicated and loving bond we have with somebody.


I love my mummy! Probably too much. It is hilarious, that she is temporary mummy to my baby back home. Jisses Christ – this came out to be a very mummy and baby post.


So just to wind it up even more “mummy – baby - wise” - give your mum or baby (or both) a big hug and say – thank you for this incredible masterpiece you have created – that is – you!

Mummy and I as "nissar"!

Postat av: guppi

Japp hon är helt fantastisk din mamma:)

2010-10-20 @ 21:13:42
Postat av: Johanna

Japp, en guldklimp! Snart ska jag musisera med na:)

2010-10-28 @ 14:44:06
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