You Are So Powerful - Just As You Are!

I don’t believe you necessarily have to go and see a psychologist or a Professional counselor to “obtain your life back (if you are one of those, like me, who once lost it)”. It might seem as a contradiction that I possess over such a point when I am in my course and aim to pursue my endeavor to eventually become a clinical psychologist.


The chemistry between two, or if you want, three human beings is so extremely essential. I realized that my neighbor whom helped me hanging up my new bought mirror yesterday - “talked more my language” then my former so called – authority and expert in my disease.  On the other hand, I believe it is important to stay in yourself and be yourself even though you are around or placed  in a less “ typical you setting”. I think the personality develops from there. It not always comfortable, but it always adds a vital piece to your character and persona –and moving you one baby step further to reach your fullest potential.


Another mania, I am frequently thinking off – can I do this alone – no – do I need a higher power – yes - but do I have to be on my knees every morning and night to connect with that higher power – no – as long as you connect you`ll be ok. If that connection occurs in your writing, talking or reading or whatever is less important.  I cultured that yesterday – and I, apparently apply it here and now.  Sometimes I sense this power in my black morning coffee, sometimes in Penny´s sparkling brown eyes...or through a beautiful summer dress or via another human fellow.


So, please, release me (that’s only in the power of universe) from all hard pressure to do things in certain ways. I cannot, and I do not have the willingness and capacity to dedicate my life to a certain routines, people and formula. I am just who I am. Sometimes weak, sometimes strong – pretty much a human being in a nutshell, I would say.  Noting really special or extravagant at all. Nevertheless unique, just like every single living, countable or not countable, creature on this planet.


Well, there is, especially 5 things I am going to give to myself in this life:

1. A healthy lifestyle, a beautiful body and mind

2. Maintain already loving relationships and develop and discover more

3. Have  a fulfilling and passionate job

4. Become financial independent

5. Set up a family (means, basically, just more members than just me and Penny)


So, what can I do today to dance my steps in this direction?


Well, I could take a run in raining Paris – that’s one thing, see an inspiring and positive friend, print out my CV and realize how skilled I am and being present and listening. To sum up – think in love terms and live life on love`s terms.


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Vad bra skrivit och vilken underbar bild älskar dig alltid

2010-06-09 @ 14:58:53

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