"If I am asking for 100 red roses - I certainly don`t except toilette papers".

In no merely doubt, I am stubborn as a mule! There is two approach of seeing and reflecting upon this trait. Meaning, there are two sides of the coin. First, my stubbornness has brought me to where I am today, exactly here in my cosy place, in Paris- near the beautiful river, Seine. Moreover, I have a worldwide fellowship and an immense network. That is due to my stubbornness that gives me ability to, constantly, meet new people, and discover new countries, places and personalities. That is the light spot of this attribute.


Subsequently, it also seems there is a dark side, the non glamorous and pleasant part of the game. My stubbornness want to do everything “my way” – it is relying on a strong self-will and self righteousness.  Interestingly, I never really thought I was that sort of person who could not take orders, but I am truly this way and I starting to see that know.  Let me illustrate. For instance, if I receive a writing topic (meaning I did not choose it myself) I never, really and fully, stick to that specific topic – I always tend to end up writing about my mother`s childhood if I was told to write about my father`s. Well, you got the point.  That results in, naturally, lower grades. Not odd, unfair and illogic at all - pretty much common sense. Another example, assume someone ask me to do he/she an errand – I do not just simply do it, again, I do it “my way”.  Apparently, I add some extra touches here and there plus eliminating accordingly. Those are inadequacy and not OK and cool at all. If I am asking for a hamburger – I certainly do not want a damn chicken burger!


Well, my point this noon is to address the importance to give up some self-will in our lives. Basically, what you learn most from is from other people. And do not misunderstand me – I am not, naively, saying you “should buy and swallow everything straight away and never to question and utilize your critical eye. What I am saying is that we are not always the “wisdom personified ourselves” (as at least I tend to believe I am) – there will always be someone who “knows better” and possesses over more experience and wisdom then we are at that given moment.  Of course, there has to be equilibrium between listening to others versus to your inner voice.  Consequently, that is the same rule to apply here - as with everything else in life.


So now, it is just for me to wish you all a splendid Thursday - and why don’t you try to give up a little bit of your self-will – just for today? I am sure, at the end of the day - we will be amazed how much we have learned from simply listening to others (by all means - be careful to whom you listen to), better knowing.


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