I thought I was back in “the Swedish old days”, meaning - writing in Swedish again. Apparently, I just don’t feel like going there today, it is like my thoughts and words don’t connect with my purpose today, it is really strange those stuff. I imply, after all I am Swedish, indeed.


For the time being I am in course reading a marvelous book: “Leaving the World”. It is right on spot what, I have to say, I am doing from early morning to late Night. Naturally, it leads me to think about what sort of World I am running to? The answer is just too absurd to articulate on a computer - so why don’t I wait until it feels like second nature? Cool, let`s just leave it there.


I am slowly and carefully planning my future. Since my present situation is pretty an awful and ugly sight I therefore pretending I am rich as Donald Trump and sucessful as Madonna herself. So far, I have to say it is working substantially well. Ironically, I put a book title into action - I am leaving the world. Just for now.


What’s more, I rang my best friend at noon time; she is an incredible human and she is always there for me - such an amazing little miracle! I love her so dearly! Furthermore, I admire her in so many ways. To be frank to you, sometimes I which I could be her with one or two touches of me.


Finally to today’s good news; it is official - I have a splendid mentor in my life now!  Her name is Åsa and she has what I want in my life - and she is everything I need to add to my personality in order to master this, what they call Life! I am ready! Here I come!


Have a great Friday night!




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