Who`s that girl?

She is not able to get herself asleep. She is incapable to turn her brain off. Her parasympathetic nervous system never seems to activate. She had an “out of the ordinary evening”, night or more correct, early morning. She out of the blue met a woman on the street of Paris; the woman was a foreigner as she herself. They both were, in the very last minute, about to grab something eatable in the “alimentation” shop. It was late, both appear to be tired, but it didn’t bring them from engage into each other companies. Both women had a dog. Both dogs were female. Both woman writes about incomprehensible material. Both of them had suffered from the same illness. Both are powerless over, what we call food.


What was that? What was that meeting supposes to be, mean and possibly to befall? No one of them got the grip, both rather chocked and overwhelmed of their fellow story. Nor did they exchange their numbers. They just talked and listen; they almost forgot their dogs, that, basically were having forbidden”lesbian intimacy” right on the plain street. As a final point, one of them two arrived at ones residence; although they did not take good bye. They kept talking and listening. The dogs kept playing the forbidden play, still visible for the public eye (except there were no many public eyes awake at this time). After one cigarette had turned out to be two and even three they finally did the traditional “French bisou” and off they went. Left by zero trace of the other person. Within merely a moment a realization occurred with one of them – God did set up this date for some reason.




Postat av: Mats

Tack J det är bra. Hoppas med dig också där ute i Eiffeltornets skugga. Min fru är också där (i helgen) för att kolla på hästar!

Glöm inte att du är bra som du är :)

2010-01-25 @ 08:23:08
Postat av: pyttemesen

Värdens vackraste flickor

2010-01-25 @ 13:44:04
Postat av: maritza

hej jenny gumman! Hoppas ditt liv är toppen och lyckligt i paris! tänker på dej! kram!

2010-02-03 @ 21:16:58
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