The past, the present or the future?

It is funny; I have now been craving internet connection and access to my blog for moths, and then, what happen is, my writing vein is happen to be totally blocked when it once is arrived. It is an overcrowding frustration in terms of million feelings of layer after one top on another. It is also funny, that things never turn out to be as you expected them to be. I am not sure how many times I will, over and over, being taken aback by this mysterious life. You can never learn too many times. Which also indicate a guarantee that no one is stupid? That’s helps me, since I feel I learning pretty much the same lesson - pretty much every day. But hey, I am not stupid! Maybe I just need more time than others, maybe I focus too much on the details which is not an optimal thing to do regarding my personality and situation. Whatsoever, it looks like I finally are about to compose, a rarely comprehensible post, to you and me.


I believe when life hit you, and a great deal of new things appears into your daily life, at least I, completely become paralyzed. That’s exactly what happens to me, I respond by being paralyzed. Additionally, this starts from my brain and downward.


Except that, I am happy.


A wise Frenchman here in Paris told me “Jenny: buy the future” – what does that really mean, I am constantly asking myself. Concerning in real life and in concrete actions? I am not sure I understand the phrase, so profoundly I wish I would. Besides, if I do, this knowledge may change my whole life and living situation. By all means, my friend himself he was not aware of the impact these words had on me. So let us just, very briefly examine this.


Furthermore, does it mean that me, myself can be happy, in this present moment? That is, because, right now, right here I am not suffering. I am drinking my favorite coffee in my favorite mug; I have my lazy sleeping love (the dog) on my chest and a certain atmosphere of serenity covers my surrounding. Moreover, Paris seems to be more beautiful than yesterday, life seems to be petit more easily and free then the day before yesterday, and my inspiration and motivation is at a slightly level higher than it was last week. I guess I am happy? In this moment though? Even if, how about the next hour and the hour after that hour, how do I feel then? Perhaps I shouldn’t bother myself thinking of that now since my present is rather good, since I am buying the future, since I met this wise man whom communicated this message to me.


Why don’t you try yourself? Just forget the past for a while. Live in the present era and buy the future. It is a winning concept? Perhaps, at least I will try to find that out.


Ciao for now and see you guys in the future!

A recently photo taken in Normandy, in France.

Postat av: Pyttemesen

J am glad that you wright again. Im miss you. But Iam not so good in english so i dont understand everything, but lot of it. Have a nice evening.

2010-01-24 @ 18:20:58
Postat av: Jenny

Pyttemes: thank u so much darling! You too!

2010-01-24 @ 18:23:35

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