Sunday in Paris!

I feel happy and grateful today – for my wonderful family, Penny, my boy, best friends and life! I am bloody better give a zerooo thought of my fucked up self image– I mean, what is that suppose to mean? To the world? Who really cares if I am a size zero or a size 20? Nobody cares, really. On the other hand I care about my health, my physical condition and my well being. And as I am doing and handle things for the moment is not optimal. No matter what, I will not pick up today – I am nothing and nothing counts as long as I am not stay abstinent. That does why have to be abstinent, and I will be. I am a dreamer – but I am also a fighter. I see myself as the winner. Not a winner in terms of over you – in my own competition. “When it feels right, it is right”. Damn good this one.


I am off for a rendez vous. I call/text you later - my adorable BRANDICE !


Do not forgive to give a lot of Love. Speaking about love, my baby is “en stage de box” – and I am already missing him. My life is a bunch of emotions, but thank you God I am able to feel. Life is great and beautiful.




( My big time Salsa queen Brandice! )

Postat av: maritza

hej! du har så rätt, den som bryr sej är bara en själv. och du är så fin jenny!! :)

Paris måste va underbart på våren! Ta hand om dej! kram!

2010-03-02 @ 17:16:31

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