Routines - equal to boring stuff?

So, here I am – again! How are you folks? I am not bad nor would I say I am over the moon, yet. Bar, I am working on it. There is hope. For all of us.


Never underestimates the importance of routines – that’s today’s topic. I tend to forget that more often than I really stick to it. By following a certain schedule, a routine your mind and body will adapt and feels more relaxed, safe and sound and focused. It’s not equal to a boring life, which I used to thought and associate this phenomenon to. I just know better and healthier today. This is some good elements to remind one about;


-          Try to head to bed and wake up - about the same time every night and morning.

-          Eat three meals/day containing vegetables, salad, protein and fruits (avoid sugar and flour if your are   sensible to overeat)

-          Drink plenty of water – but do not over do it

-          Some exercise – every day!

-          Surround yourself with people you love, and people who gives you what you want (again, you pick your friends)

-          Find your passion in life

-          Make a great deal of love and intimacy  (preferable with the same partner)

-          Welcome your creative side

-          Pray and mediate to connect with your inner self and your strength

-          Laugh!

-          Forgive yourself

-          Love yourself




This mean to me, as soon as I have posted this post I will call my baby and tell him how much I love him.


You have a great day!


Postat av: pyttemes

absolut rutiner ger trygghet stab ilitet och struktur älskar dig

2010-02-27 @ 00:12:52

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