Live and let go.

I have no reason to not feel good, content and satisfied tonight/ this morning. Still, I do. I have been over at Nadehas (she is a sing/songwriter from Australia – btw, check her out at youtube: “Nadeah Miranda”) house with some friends, high-quality energies and spirits, lovely atmosphere. Almost too good, no alcohol or other harmful substances- just understanding, love and hope. That’s all we need.  I am so grateful to have this fellowship in my daily life, people I easily can relate to. Wonderful and beautiful people, people I adore and look up to.


(Switches subject)


I do not really know why I so seldom mention him in my blog. There is such an indescribable love between us, we are an invincible, powerful and a strong and unit. We are all that the other one desire, we are all we want. Still, I can let go. I am scared, right, for what? Being abandoned? Have I ever been abandoned? No. So it does not make sense. And I am supposed to be one of the futures Psychologist? Yes, I do believe so. Tonight I experienced something totally “out of the book”. A little miracle touched my shoulder. I am capable and I can help people, first, I have to start with myself. My call is calling. There are some due obstacles, but I can cope with them. I have a long way to travel, and I will never graduate from what we call: learning by living. I will always be beginner.


(Switches subject)


I am perfection in my imperfection. I am not worse or better than you. We are all constructed equally - we have more in common rather what really separate us. I did listen to a homosexual speaker tonight, he was from The States. I am from Grebbestad. That is, geographically distant away, yet spiritually so close. I think we are all brothers and sisters. Some we happen to like more than others. But can we possibly hate? I cannot see it belongs on the mother earth. The truth tells differently. It is simple to comprehend the human mind; nevertheless, it is not easy.


After some wise phone calls, all over the world and several coffees I feel better. This night is almost over so it is not really an idea to go to bed. Penny has been snoozing for hours. Well, I am better study some French- at least it will do some good for me and Rafael’s relationship. You see, communication is A and O.


PS. It was not really my effort and purpose to make you understand this post, and have I ever written something so “all over the map”. Somehow, it needed to get out.




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