Deadlines and deadlines..

all those deadlines. BUT I am not fully complaining over my situation here - I would say to some degree I am OK with it, it is just that MY TIME never seems to be enough. No matter how I plan and distribute my time - I am always running out of it.  Never fails. So therefore this is my New Year resolution (I make it now because I hate those in a traditional meaning) to manage my time better. Imagine when I am get older, having (hopefully) kids and all that I need to master my time! This lack of organization is just causing me unnecessary stress and frustration. And at the end of the day I finish up not performing to the best of my potential. As I just tend to wrap it up in the end. I believe and aim for improvement in this area.


Another thing, I guess it is little odd to be in London today knowing there is a big family gathering (mom's birthday) right now and I am not there with them. Not even my Penny is here. But who forced me to stay here and keep my focus on my last weeks of semester, no one but me, myself and I! It was not even a question of forcing - it was my choice. So I’d better be happy with it. But I miss them all insanely much, that should be mentioned.


Anyway, I think it is time for “a starbucks” now - nothing really compares with their repertoire of coffee drinks!


Be good!


Postat av: Johanna

I morgon bär det av - mot London och då skall det drickas starbuck kaffe med pepparkaka:)

2010-12-07 @ 21:52:56
Postat av: Jenny

Johanna! Det låter toppen! ses på stan då!:)

2010-12-08 @ 00:27:14
Postat av: Mats

Hoppas du har det bra i den stora staden! God Jul!

2010-12-14 @ 21:15:33

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