It really works. Being humble, loving, honest and grateful make such a different in ones daily life. Besides, we had a truly good night here in Paris. I am rested and motivated, again. Life is sort of generous in terms of “the new chance” each Monday give us. In addition, it’s like an endless menu for all tastes – and you chose according to your preferences. I would say that the tricky thing is to see and really understand all the offers which are given. There is a wide range of delicacies and something to pick for everyone. That’ is pretty fab, nice and such a gift. So why don`t we better use it – the gift? Well, I know, easier writing than doing.  

It seems like the fall is here, I love the autumn. Especially the colorful leaves and knowing the fact that you, most likely will end up your day under a warm blanket with a hot chocolate; well of course, with cream on it. So now, I having my black cup of coffee and preparing for my morning run. I speak to you later. Take care.



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