You will hit upon it!

I went fanatical shopping yesterday – it was wonderful, (in many ways) whatsoever a relief! I also bought a, really nice Christmas gift to Rafael. I like the 6th “arrondisement” in Paris; moreover I find a great deal of cozy candles and further stuff which I`ll décor my room with. Well, room or room, I would rather, from now on, name it “my mini apartment”, we have rearrange and organize things in order for me to feel more home settled. I am truly glad over the result, not to forget Penny`s cotentment!

In the afternoon I`ll bring up my work of art, I feel half without it. I am thinking something in sparkling, smashing color. I barely fear the fact that my studies will be suffering when I once get started. I sort of forget place and room, nevertheless a satisfying and relaxing sensation. It is just me along my thoughts; me inside my existence, me within my reality and me contained by my own subsistence. Consequently, I would say - I know that real happiness exist, inside oneself. Stay patient – and deem me - you will find it.


Postat av: pyttemesen

vilken fin bild på er tre.Längtar

2009-11-15 @ 11:56:55
Postat av: Jenny

Pyttemesen: jag också!

2009-11-15 @ 12:17:35
Postat av: Helmer

Vad bra att du ska ta tag i målandet Jenny:)

2009-11-15 @ 16:52:26

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